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Our New York Sprinkler Repair Team Does Pop Up Repair

a rotary head handles a large area of grassSprinkler pop up heads are the most delicate part of a sprinkler system and this makes them the component that we end up repairing the most. Sometimes our New York sprinkler repair team spends an entire day just replacing sprinkler heads. Not to worry though, we have enough parts in our van to refit the entire New York area twice over.

Sprinkler heads often malfunction simply because they are clogged. Leaves and dirt can cause the spray head to get stuck in place and not pop up to its desired height. Our techs can clear these heads out and get them working like new in just a few minutes. Unfortunately, rocks or other heavy debris can due physical damage to the head that necessitates a replacement.

Sometimes a pop up head needs to be replaced because the ground surrounding it has gotten higher since it was installed. In lawns, thatched grass falls in between the blades and decays adding organic material to the ground and slowly raising ground level. Some of our most common repairs involve switching out 2 and 4 inch pop up heads with 6 or 12 inch varieties.

Pop Up Heads

a hunter spray head covers a precise area with the rigth amount of waterAnother common repair that we make is to switch out the standard spray head with a fine misting head or rotary head so that the correct coverage is obtained. When systems were first being installed several years ago a single head was used for every single pop up location. This simply isn't very efficient and doesn't offer the coverage that a lawn needs. By mixing and matching different sprinkler heads it is possible to achieve optimal coverage without having to add additional underground lines or heads to an existing system.

Our New York sprinkler repair techs have handled sprinkler head replacement and maintenance since we first open our doors years ago. We know exactly what to look for to determine the problem with a particular head and just what needs to be done to fix it. Give our staff a call today to get the best pop up sprinkler head service in the area.